Yoga Leggings

What Are Yoga Leggings?

When you’re beginning a yoga workout, the comfort and flexibility of your clothing is a must. With all their similarities, you could be forgiven for thinking yoga pants and fitness leggings are similar enough to get you through your yoga practice. But in reality, manufacturers of yoga pants have added small details to make sure you can maximize your yoga exercises.

1. Leggings Material

Generally, leggings are made of soft cotton or stretchy cotton blends. Though yoga pants stretch out, they are usually made from opaque materials, which means you’ll never worry about feeling naked while you work out. Cotton leggings also absorb more sweat than yoga pants, making less than ideal for a long workout.

2. Maximizing your Movement

Yoga pants are cut to fit in a way that keeps you covered and maximizes your movement. Though some leggings are cut for athletic activity, casual leggings are different in a few key ways. Yoga pants fit tight at the waist, with a stretchy waistband, a looser, relaxed fit on the legs. This helps you maximize your movement while giving you coverage, so you don’t embarrass yourself while during a stretch or a split! Leggings are usually a closer fit all the way down. They work great for layering your look but are less flexible and lose their shape much easier. In a yoga class environment, casual leggings could spell disaster!

3. Finding The Perfect Yoga Leggings

It used to be easy to know the difference between yoga pants and leggings. Yoga pants are traditionally thicker and used to be available only in solid black. Because of yoga’s recent fashionableness, you can now find yoga pants available in a wide array of styles, pattens and colors. The important thing to remember is to find a pair that fit tight at the waist, wick away moisture, and offer you the maximum amount of flexibility as you move through the asanas.

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