Colors of Yoga Clothes

The Most Popular Colors of Yoga Clothes (And What They Mean)

Yoga helps you keep fit, stay focused and lets you challenge yourself, on your own, or in a class with others. All while you are looking cute in yoga pants! Have you ever wondered if the color of your favorite pair of yoga pants has an impact on your practice? We’ve found the six most popular yoga pants colors, and here’s what psychologists have to say about what these colors mean.

Black Yoga Clothes

Black is, by far, one of the most popular colors for yoga pants and tops. And according to psychologists, that’s no surprise. Black is an excellent focusing color and is usually worn by highly intellectual and sensitive people to help them concentrate. If you often feel distracted or have trouble balancing in yoga, try wearing a black yoga outfit. Grey is a toned-down version of black, so this is a good choice if you wish to include just a little bit more concentration and focus in your yoga.

Brown Yoga Clothes

Earthy colors like brown signify a grounded, down-to-earth nature. It’s an excellent choice for yoga, which is all about centering yourself and staying grounded. If you often feel lightheaded or are always thinking about the past and the future, try adding some brown to your yoga outfit.

Green Yoga Clothes

Green is another excellent nature-inspired choice when you’re choosing colors to dress in for yoga. It signifies a positive mindset and inner and outer growth and expansion. Wearing green yoga clothes can also providing peace and contentment to maximize your mindfulness and focus.

Blue Yoga Clothes

Blue is a great color when you’re looking to feel confident and competent. But it’s also a great color when you’re looking for feeling free-flowing energy and a deep sense of tranquillity. Blue is the water element’s color, making it great for graceful yet powerful movements, so this is a great color to wear to a vinyasa or flow yoga class.

Red Yoga Clothes

Red is a color that gets you noticed. It’s excellent for passion, boosting your energy, and bringing the energy fire to your yoga sessions. Wearing a pair of red yoga pants can help boost your energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to complete a challenging yoga practice.

Yellow Yoga Clothes

Yellow is the color of sunshine, and  Psychologists claim that the color yellow can increase serotonin production in your brain, making you happier. Wearing yellow yoga clothes can also speed up metabolism, making it great for workouts, and even increases your mental concentration. Yellow is excellent for your energy level and attention, making it perfect for when you’re looking for the motivation to challenge yourself.

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